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Rolf Lippuner has a reputation for righting-the-ship, and bringing balance to any organization. 


His career spanning twenty-five years, demonstrate a proven ability and track record, with a multi-national and multi–cultural understanding of hospitality, the business environment and entrepreneurship.

Rolf has extensive experience in managing hotel, resort and service-oriented business institutions, leading product and innovation, while mentoring and coaching a guest-centric team of staff, balancing resources to impact visibility and guest perception, resulting in profitability and revenue development, operations optimization and resource management.

Guided by the precepts of Conscious Business, Rolf maintains and mentors that ethics, integrity and a people-development mindset, are the foundation and driving force behind any business.


Rolf’s experience as a successful entrepreneur, businessman, leader and service professional, provide him with a solid base in assessing, diagnosing and providing solutions in the hospitality and business environment, that are practical and pragmatic. Rolf’s multi-dimensional approach to leadership, has found considerable success in leading large teams and managing multi-million-dollar budgets.


Rolf is able to consult in person, travel to location or connect remotely by video conference.


His services include:


  • Workshops, training and seminars focused on Conscious Business.

  • Workshops, training and seminars on Leadership, Leadership Style and Leadership Finesse.

  • A full review of an (or your) Organizations’ current business model, it’s financial past and future outlook, that include a diagnostic and assessment on potential pitfalls, with creative and innovative remedies to avoid them.

  • Construction of Business Plans for emerging, start-up and existing businesses.

  • Private Success Coaching for hospitality service professional and Executives.


Rolf has lived in Johannesburg, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego, Nevis, Washington DC and Riyadh. Rolf is now based in the Ticino region of Switzerland, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

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