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What is Kundalini Yoga?

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

I had never really heard of Kundalini Yoga before my introduction to it about 16 years ago. I remember in my very first class, I was challenged in so many ways - physically, mentally and emotionally. I was more aware of myself, more than I had been in a long time (feeling very self-conscious when chanting aloud). While adjusting and opening myself to these new experiences, I always left a class feeling lighter, happier, grateful, supported and whole. All these years later, my favorite part of class now, is the chanting. One of the many positive outcomes of my practice - connecting with my inner strength and voice.

I had experienced years of carrying around a heaviness - emotionally and physically. I wanted so desperately to be able to heal a childhood trauma, that over the years had impacted my life so significantly. I knew deep within me, despite all other efforts, that this trauma was a barrier to me living my life to its full and magnificent potential. Previously I had attempted therapy, read and absorbed many self-help books, and tried so definitively, in many different ways, to break free from the patterns and pains of my past. Kundalini Yoga spoke to me like no other modality had before, and was singularly responsible for much of my healing.

Yoga is the Science of the Self, while Kundalini is the Awakening of the Self - the unlimited potential that already exists within us. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is the science of sequence, rhythm and sound, that works every aspect of your body, mind and soul. It offers a system of physical poses, breathing techniques, mantra and focused meditation that when practiced together will bring increased physical health and strength, emotional balance, heightened sensory awareness, enhanced intuition, creativity, greater peace, fulfilment and a deeper sense of self.

Kundalini Yoga persists in keeping you in the present moment, as there is no room for distraction during the practice – focusing your attention on the movement, the breath and the mantra. The Science of Kundalini Yoga works to adjust your body on the physical level, strengthening your glandular and nervous systems, purifying the blood while working within The Chakra System and The Ten Bodies of Consciousness, all the while building flexibility and helping to move you through perceived limitations in your body, mind and soul.

There are thousands of sets of Kundalini Yoga exercises, known as Kriyas. These can be chosen specifically to work on any physical, mental, spiritual or emotional aspect of yourself, that will lead you to a desired outcome. It is the biggest self-help directory available to us, that provides clear tools to heal and balance ourselves. No previous experience in yoga or related disciplines is required.

Some Benefits of Kundalini Yoga are:

  • Increased energy and vitality, relaxing the mind and body,

  • Relief from stress, addiction, depression and insomnia.

  • Helps in healing back pain, sexual dysfunction and neurosis.

  • Strengthens the immune and nervous systems.

  • Balances the metabolism, improves digestion and aids weight control.

  • Increases circulation and purifies the blood.

  • Promotes muscle strength and flexibility.

  • Promotes anti-aging both mentally and physically.

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