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Snacking on Ayurveda

Snacking is not typically recommended in an Ayurvedic diet. The reason behind this is that often we have not completely digested our previous meal. Adding even more food creates congestion and clogging to an already hard working digestive tract. Our bodies use up a lot of energy for the digestive process and overtaxing it can lead to exhaustion, weakening of the digestive tract. This then leads to chronic digestive issues, a slow metabolism, toxic build-up, and an unhealthy gut that leads to many other dis-ease in the body.

Approximate times spent in stomach:

Water:15 Minutes

Melons: 1 Hour

Fruit: 1-2 Hours

Vegetables: 2.5 Hours

Fat: 3 Hours

Starch: 3 Hours

Protein: 4+ Hours

Ayurveda accommodates each unique individual, depending on your body type, current state of health and stage in life etc. Ayurveda never puts you in a box or enforces rules, they are just guidelines. Once you can know your body type and your metabolic strength, you can decide when and how to eat.

Avoid snacking all together if you have a compromised, sluggish digestion, until health and balance has been restored.

If you eat meals that are wholesome and filled with nourishment then the cravings and the need to snack will subside.

Usually snacking 2-3 hours after a meal is reasonable. Snacking according to your Dosha type will also be more beneficial. Remember that what is healthy for one person is not necessarily healthy for another. After eating, if you feel sleepy, heavy, congested, bloated and cramping, then this is letting you know your choice of food was not right for you. We should feel nourished, light and energized after eating.

Ideally your dinner meal should be eaten by 7pm allowing you time to digest your food before bedtime. Late night snacking should be avoided but if this is a hard habit to break at first, find easy to digest foods to snack on, like a piece of fruit or even better, baked fruit with ghee, herbal teas or golden milk.

I’m available to help with creating a diet and suggesting snack ideas designed specifically for your individual constitution.

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